WARNING: Geek ahead!

Из комментариев к статье на Gizmodo по поводу корейцев, сообщивших о “виртуальном роутере поддерживающем скорость 40 гигабайт в секунду”.

Virtual Router Hits Blistering 40GB/Sec Speed Record

rewind: That is ridiculous…no one will ever use that much porn.

Helvetica @rewind: I find your lack of faith disturbing.

d1zzle @rewind: H0l0Pr0n will require it!

ddmeightball @rewind: I find your lack of fap disturbing.

Chard @rewind: you, good sir, underestimate me.

SparklyJesus @rewind: You doubt the power of the American populace? Utah in particular?

Lex Steers @SparklyJesus: Japan can’t even find enough people to star in the quantity of porn they require… they have to DRAW tons of it!!! Reply

SparklyJesus @Lex Steers: They don’t even have enough fake people! Thats why they make all the tentacle porn.

Последние два ответа многое проясняют в особенностях японского искусства…

P.S. Надо ли переводить?