I have already requested that my account MUST BE EXCLUDED from the accounts tracked by (russian company that takes care of cyrillic-writing bloggers). However, thanks to fellow bloggers, today (May 29, 2007) I have discovered that my page is still being tracked by . Counters from both (tns-counter.ru) and Mail.ru were found in the source code of my LJ pages.

On March 25 I received notification, stating: “Your account has been removed from the pool of accounts eligible for opting into extra services provided by our partner SUP.” While I realize that some static files might show up here and there, not only the initial counter is still present, one more counter is added. That is – two months after receiving the notice of removal.

This looks like either a deceitful practice or an outright lie on the part of customer support. I feel that I have to report this behavior to Better Business Bureau as well as notify peer bloggers that even though they have been notified of a removal it might be quite the opposite in reality.

If you think my money are not good enough for you – kindly let me know, I’ll cancel my subscription.