Why Oatmeal Cookies Are Better Than Functional Specifications

В связи с тем, что в проклятой Америкосии так и не приняли самый духовный язык в мире в качестве государственного, приходится работать на бездуховном английском. Юмор, понятное дело, выходит на нем же, потому что удобнее думать и разговаривать с окружающими проще на одном и том же языке.

Поэтому пока – вот так…

Why Oatmeal Cookies Are Better Than Functional Specifications
1 It takes about 3 minutes to have a good cookie It takes about 3 weeks to have a good functional specifications
2 Having a cookie makes you feel good, full or both Having a functional specifications makes you feel tired, bored or both
3 It takes less then a day to process a cookie It takes almost a month to process functional specifications
4 You can process a cookie on your own It takes a lot of people to process a functional specifications
5 You can always be sure of the result You can never be sure of the result
6 Your boss doesn’t have to worry about your cookies Your boss always worries about your functional specifications
7 All cookies are alike Functional specifications are never the same, so you have to write anew each time you need one
8 The order of cookies in the box doesn’t matter Your boss goes crazy if the order of sections in functional specifications is messed up
9 You can forget to have a cookie and no one would notice If you forget about functional specifications you’ll get bombarded with reminders and questions
10 You can always change the kind of cookies you are having You can never change the kind of functional specifications you are having
11 There’s never a problem to start a new cookie if you didn’t finish a previous cookie There’s always a concern if you start a new functional specification before finishing the previous one
12 No one will notice if a cookie is missing If a functional specification is missing it is considered almost a national disaster
13 If dropped, one can simply take another cookie If dropped, the functional specification have to be picked up and cleaned, but never discarded
14 Everybody likes cookies No one likes functional specifications

P.S. Сам придумал, поэтому при перепечатке ссылко обязательно.

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