Outside the box

They keep saying – “think outside the box”. Damn, people, can you stop moving the box, please! My box has my cheese in it, you move the box – you move the cheese. Stop moving my box and stop moving my cheese. I’m outside at the moment, but I’ll be back for lunch because of the cheese. It’s a habit of all successful people – they never miss lunches.

They say: Out of sight, out of mind. I say: out of box, out of cheese. Only leave your box when there is no cheese. Word! No cheese, no lunch, can’t miss lunches! Simple, powerful, only 19.99 plus shipping and handling.

Note to self: next time I’m thinking outside the box – at least try to pretend you know where the box is. People do notice when you’re clueless.

When thinking outside the box try not break into someone else’s box. Twice so for someone else’s litter box. People might have their whole life in there and then – boom! – you barge in, thinking. Walls destroyed, litter splashed all over the broken walls. Horrible scene. So, okay, you got out, you are thinking outside of your box – what are you going to do in the cubicle next to yours?