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You’d think you had this all figured out – there’s your Dropbox and Google Drive and OneDrive and… wait, that’s one too many already. Recently I have noticed that my paid-for 100GB of Dropbox space is over 80% full. There’s a folder with PSD images from my photography thing, there’s backups of web sites, both live and gone, there’s documents, receipts, some e-books I am reading, a few backups of software I may or may not need. I keep getting more and more of these – mostly photography, but other stuff as well. Backups of forms from our laser hair removal business. Clients’ backups. Clients’ digital assets and raw files. Clients’ photography – both RAW and edited. It looks like I’m gonna need a way bigger boat.

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Суббота, вечер

Во-первых теперь на блоге появилась форма связи для обращений по личным вопросам. Это главное, а то даже спамеры волнуются – хотят денежку занести, а не знают куда. Теперь вот, значит, есть куда.

Второе – сделал новый логотип для сервиса images.google.com, если кому интересно – добро пожаловать под кат.

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